1.1 Important: Warranty terms specified by NiteCoreSA might differ from warranty terms specified by NiteCore International, as per user manual or other website. In such a case, NiteCoreSA warranty terms will apply as follow.
1.2 Chargers and batteries carry a 1 year replacement warranty. Surge and lightning damage is excluded and not covered.
 1.3 All flashlights (excluding TUBE & MT21A/MT2A) carry (2) year replacement warranty (if purchased in 2015 or later, else only 18 months) with the possibility for repair from year 3-5 BUT flashlights under the value of R500 carry a 12 month replacement warranty (Such as the MT21A or MT2A) BUT flashlights under the value of R300 carry a 6 month replacement warranty (Such as the TUBE). No flashlights with battery damage will be covered by the warranty whatsoever.
1.4 NiteCoreSA do not carry warranty on items not supplied by us or one of our dealers. You may contact us for assistance, we might assist at our discretion, but such assistance will incur an administration fee.

2.1 Should you find an error with your NiteCore product, please contact us first to allow us the opportunity to do debugging with you. If we cannot assist you telephonically or via email then you will have to send the unit to us for inspection. Please notify us of the tracking number, so we are aware and on the lookout for your parcel.
Before contacting us, please check the following.
A: Your battery is in fact fully charged and not inserted the wrong way around, in the flashlight or in the charger. Flat batteries may take up to 10 hours to charge, so please be patient.
B: All the components of the torch are tightly fastened to allow contact, specifically refer to the tail cap of most torches and battery compartment of the TMxx series.
C: The MHxx and P25 etc… needs the switch ON when charging, otherwise these units will NOT CHARGE.
D: Also check that your belt clip is not inserted at the wrong position, causing the tail cap not to close properly.

2.2 Items shipped from us and found to be faulty within 14 days of delivery, will be collected by us at our cost via courier or other reasonable method, this has to be explicitly arranged please.
2.3 Within the repair period of a product, once it has been determined that a fault may exist, the client is responsible to deliver the faulty unit to us at the clients cost. (Also see point 2.1) The most cost effective methods are:
OR Postnet to Postnet +-R99,
OR Aramex at supported PickNPays, to our door R99
OR any other courier of your choice.
Please be sure though to shop around and get a quote beforehand as courier charges may vary significantly!
Once received, we will investigate the item and replace if necessary. We will then return the item to the client at our cost.
Low value items under R500 will only be returned via post office slow mail. Items of value above R500 will be sent via Courier or Postnet to Postnet or overnight Post office counter to counter, as determined at our discretion.
2.4 For units that carry a 2 year replacement warranty, the option does exist from year 3-5 to have the unit repaired at the NiteCore factory in Asia. In such a case, the client will be liable for the costs to deliver the unit to us, and for costs to have the unit returned from us. We will sent and collect the unit overseas for repair at our cost. Please be warned that this may be a very slow process and may take in excess of 3 months.

3.1 High Intensity flashlights will produce heat, some units will reduce brightness after a couple of minutes or at a certain temperature to reduce heat built-up. TURBO mode on most models is not sustainable for continuous use and is intended for sporadic use. Heat built-up is normal and unavoidable and will not constitute a warranty claim.

3.2 Returned items have to have a perceivable error in order to qualify as a valid warranty claim. In other words, when we test the item, we have to be able to detect a problem or malfunction. Items functioning normal or with undetectable errors will not be replaced.
3.3 Physical damage due to being dropped or being man handled and bent will not be covered by warranty.
3.4 It is strongly recommended to NOT submerge your flashlight. The IPX waterproofing is merely an indication that the flashlight is capable of handling day to day tasks, this  exclude purposefully submerging the unit.
 3.5 Flashlights with battery leakage damage is not covered by any warranty whatsoever.