BATTERY – 4800mAh 21700 35A High Drain Battery For Vaping Devices (NOT FOR FLASHLIGHTS)


  • The 4800mAh 35A High drain battery features a high pulse discharge current for use in 21700 vaping devices and is not suitable for flashlights. Please also note, this is not an 18650 battery, its a 21700 battery which is larger. Incorrectly purchased batteries that are returned will carry a 20% return handling fee.
  • These batteries feature a voltage of 3.6V with a cut-off voltage of 2.75V. 
  • Our /i2/D2/i4/D4/F1 Intelli and Digi chargers are recommended for use with these battery.

  • 1 Year replacement warranty. Damage caused by poor quality chargers are excluded though. – Please familiarize yourself with our warranty terms by clicking here or opening the WARRANTY TAB in the menu at the top of the page
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