ACCESSORY – Gunmounts, GM01, GM02, GM02Magnet, GM03, GM04, GMR1/R4/R5




  • If an item is not in the dropdown, that means we do not have stock available at the moment. 
  • Please pay careful attention to the specified sizes before you decide on a item.
  • We have the following options available if you would like to mount your NiteCore Flashlights to a rifle.
  • GM01:
  • An adjustable bracket that is suitable for mounting a 25mm-30mm flashlight to a scope with a width of 25-30mm.
  • GM02: 
  • Our Picatinni rail is a nifty little mount used to connect our 25mm torches to a firearm that has a Picatinni rail. This is common on assault rifles.
  • GM02-Magnet: 
  • Nifty little GM02 with a magnetic base that clips directly onto a barrel. All our 25mm torches wil fit, anything larger than the MH27uv might become a little heavy so the mh40gt will work but is not recommended. 
  • GM03:
  • This is a generic entry level mount for low power rifles (such as pellets or .22) in conjunction with our  lighter torches. both mount A and mount B are included in the packet. Both can adjust wideness due to the adjustable screws. Not suitable in a  professional deployment as the bracket cannot perform reliably during intensive operations.  
  • GM04:
  • This is a generic mount, mount A and mount B are sold separately. Both mounts are fastened using an Allen Key and offers only slight variations on possible shaft thicknesses, so investigate your target shaft thickness before purchase.
  • GMR:
  • This is a engineered heavy duty barrel mount for R1, R4 and R5 rifles. Mail us for pictures please.  (limited stock)

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