FLASHLIGHT – 1800 Lumens MH23 + 3500mAh High Drain Li-ion Battery + USB Recharge


  • The MH23 is our first 1800 lumens small-sized flashlight using a single battery, and it’s a little beast that produces very impressive performance for its size! Ideal for all non-tactical applications.
  • The beam is fairly wide so although the high lumens lights up a large area of illumination, it will be outshined only in terms of distance by other 1000 lumens products like the MH27 or MH40GT,  which has a more narrow beam due to the larger reflectors.
  • The MH23 uses a special 8A 18650 high-drain battery in order to supply enough current for Turbo Mode. Turbo Mode is only sustainable for a couple of minutes to prevent overheating. Light can also work with normal 18650 batteries but Turbo mode will not be achieved. 
  • Dear Celesti and Louis. Thank you very much for my order that was delivered at my office before 3pm today. The delivery speed was impressive. This is the first time ever that goods I ordered through internet shopping was delivered on the same day. Thank you very much also for the extra clips. Now with our dearest ESKOM running out of power and load shedding our fate for the foreseeable future, the flashlights will definitely be put to good use in hours of darkness. Keep the NiteCore light shining while ESKOM load sheds. Kind Regards Rudolf, Pretoria.
  • Hi Celesti, thank you so much!! That was quick, things takes weeks to get here!! Regards Andre, Musina.
    • -Video By NiteCoreStore USA- Contents of video might differ slightly from South African offering.

  • Please have a look at the slider pictures at the top of this page for  comprehensive specifications as well as the above video.
  • Flashlight
  • 18650 3500mAh 8A  High Drain  Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.
  • USB charge Cable.
  • Small accessories like spare O-ring and belt clip.
  •  Spare batteries.

  • To avoid dispatching faulty items, we always perform a pre-shipping quality check on all our torches and chargers. We do this before you order, so there is no delay. We will test the flashlight switch, check that all the LED are working Once everything tests OK, we put down our stamp of approval.
  • The bundled battery that we include with shipping, will always be charged, so you can grab your new torch and use it straight away.

  • 2 Year free part replacement warranty and further 3 year discounted part replacement warranty – Please familiarize yourself with our warranty terms by clicking here or opening the WARRANTY TAB in the menu at the top of the page.