VAPING – NFF01 Magnetic Liquid Vape Mixer


  • The NiteCore NFF01 is a Magnetic Liquid Mixer for e-liquid specially designed for vape
  • The heating function of 70 degrees refers to the central temperature of the heating plate, not the temperature of the liquid.
  • The real temperature of the liquid will be affected by room temperature, cup heat dissipation and other situation.
  • The main function of the NFF01 is providing the vapers to DIY the stirring time and speed for mixing E-liquid, the heating is an auxiliary function.
  • Soon. 
  • Please have a look at the slider pictures at the top of this page for  comprehensive specifications as well as the above video.
  •  Mixer plus 220v power supply 
  •  Mixing stir bars
  • Beaker.

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