• Finally, a cost effective pistol light with a simple straightforward and reliable interface. This light will switch on/off when the left or right button is tapped and also provides momentary on when the button is held. This can be done with support hand thumb or trigger finger for one handed operations. 
  • To reduce cost, the NPL20 is bundled with 3 x  1600mAh CR123 non rechargeable battery. We sell the CR123 for R40 each and include 3 batteries bundled with your NPL20.
  • This light is also compatible with the our Nitecore Rechargeable CR123 battery and you will need the UI1 charger  to charge the battery. 
  • NPL20
  • 3 x NiteCore CR123A Batteries (not compatible with RCR123 rechargeable batteries)

  • To avoid dispatching faulty items, we always perform a pre-shipping quality check. We do this before you order, so there is no delay. We will test the product and ensure that all components are working. Once everything tests OK, we put down our stamp of approval.

  • 2 Year free part replacement warranty and further 3 year discounted part replacement warranty. We offer NO parts support after 5 years.  Please familiarize yourself with our warranty terms by clicking here or opening the WARRANTY TAB in the menu at the top of the page.