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  • As of Nov 2020 the 1800 Lumens P20i is one of our newest models, and one of our favorite lights to date. One can almost say it is the perfect all rounder being fully tactical, small and easy to use. Mode changes are easy as the mode button is at the back improving one handed and rapid operation, also allowing instant strobe. 
  • This light fits the awesome NTH20 plastic carry holster and features USB Type C charging while including the latest 4000mAh 21700 battery. Please note this light uses a specialised NL2140HPi or NL2150HPi only!
  • The beam range of 343m (depleted) and beam profile is very convincing for the physical size, allowing for confidence during any tactical or general purpose operations.
-Video By NiteCoreStore USA- Contents of video might differ slightly from South African offering.
  • P20i Flashlight
  • NL2140i 21700i Battery (additional batteries must be the NL2150HPi)
  • NTH20 Flashlight Holster
  • USB-C Recharge Cable
  • Lanyard (for attaching beltclip to torch)
  • Beltclip
  • 18650 battery magazine
  • NTR10 Tactical Ring
  • Gun Mounts, GMo2
  • Diffusers, Filters, or Traffic Wands.
  • Extra batteries NL2150HPi.
  • Optional UI1 or UI2 charger for extra batteries.

  • To avoid dispatching faulty items, we always perform a pre-shipping quality check. We do this before you order, so there is no delay. We will test the product and ensure that all components are working. Once everything tests OK, we put down our stamp of approval.

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