FLASHLIGHT – 6000 Lumens TM28 Tiny Monster + Rechargeable Batteries + Charger

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  • The 6000 Lumens TM28 is our flagship high performance flashlight. Producing a staggering 6000 Lumens on TURBO. This flashlight is intended for users requiring short bursts of intense light. Because of the small reflectors, light will be distributed over a wide surface area allowing ample of flood and peripheral vision. (Light will be depleted at 655m). The TM28 and TM26GT are floodlights, not beam throwers like our 1400m TM38.
    As the housing is small, the TM28 will heat up rapidly and can only sustain TURBO for approximately 1 minute before reducing brightness. Lower brightness modes off course will have extended runtime and lower heat. This light is perhaps not for everyone but will be a very nice addition for specialised users who are looking for short high lumen burst usage.
    For more general purpose use, one should consider the awesome 3500 lumens TM26GT (Light will be depleted at 700m), which produces less total light than the TM28, but is still an amazing light which will not heat up as rapidly as the TM28. For Beam thrower use, the 1400m TM38 is the top of the range. The TM16GT is performance mix between the TM26GT and TM38, producing a long range light of 1000m but also a wider light than the TM38. 


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-Video By NiteCoreStore USA- Contents of video might differ slightly from South African offering.
  • Please browse through the sliding pics at the top of the page for specs.
  • TM28 Flashlight  and 220v Charger and 12v charge cable.
  • 4 x NiteCore 18650IMR High Drain 3100 mAh TM28 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries Included.
  • Tripod Mount Adaptor on back of Torch
  • Spare O-ring.
  • Lanyard.
  • Free Overnight Shipping – Expect Delays in Outlying Areas.
  • Extra set of Batteries 
  • Optional i4/d4 charger for extra batteries.
  • Tripod
  • High Intensity,  small size flashlights build up heat rapidly when used on TURBO. Flashlight will reduce brightness mode to prevent overheating at approximately 65C.

  • To avoid dispatching faulty items, we always perform a pre-shipping quality check on all our torches and chargers. We do this before you order, so there is no delay. On the TM26GT we put a set of new fully charged batteries inside and do a complete test on the switch, electrical contact point, check that all LED’s are working and test all the different modes. Once everything tests OK, we put down our stamp of approval.
  • The bundled batteries that we include with shipping, will always be charged, so you can grab your new torch and use it straight away.

  • 2 Year replacement warranty – Please familiarize yourself with our warranty terms by clicking here or opening the WARRANTY TAB in the menu at the top of the page.
  • 1 Year replacement warranty on batteries


LOADSHEDDING TRICK: Switch the TM26GT on and then plug in to charge. The light will go off, but when the power fails your light will go on automatically on the last setting you had it. :-) Dismiss