NiteCore Flashlights are Industry leading; Small; Robust; Beautiful; Intelligent; Extremely Bright; Rechargeable; Expertly Engineered products backup up by Fast and Efficient Service Levels.  
  NiteCore is a popular international flashlight brand and NiteCoreSA is the local distributor. We are a dedicated team of individuals who strive to provide Fast Efficient and Friendly service.  
Have a question or need some advice on which model to choose, give us a ring and we will guide you through it. We are available directly via our cell phones or email and there is no need to work through telephone queues or a switchboard . See Contact us. We work from Waterkloof Ridge in Pretoria where are also available after hours. Since our office is in our home, we are almost always available and we will gladly assist you with your purchase. Give us a quick ring before you visit our shop,  we just want to make sure someone is there to assist you. Generally speaking, we keep generous stock quantities at our warehouse, and our walk-in shop carries enough stock for end user requirements. Our main page of the online shop will reflect whether we have stock of any given item or not and is regularly updated.
When ordering online, we will dispatch your order SAME DAY, provided you have placed your order and send us payment early enough. We utilise overnight couriers so in most cases you can expect delivery the next weekday or within two weekdays in outlaying areas. You will be sent a tracking number promptly after your order and we will keep you updated of the parcel progress throughout.
Warranty claims are fast and hassle free. Our flashlight products (excluding MT21A & Tube) carry a 5 year warranty of which the first two years are a replacement warranty and the remaining three years thereafter are repair warranty – this is a time consuming process please read warranty terms tab  and in most cases we are able to replace a faulty item from stock. Our MT21A Flashlight batteries and chargers carry a 1 year replacement warranty, while the TUBE carry a 6 months replacement warranty.  If you are close by, bring the item in for us to have a look. If you are far, please send it to us via post or courier.
  Nitecore Flashlights offer Ultra High Intensity outputs using Cree LEDs. Cree is the industry leader in next generation Light Emitting Diode technology, producing LEDs that are capable of emitting up to 1000 lumens at the most efficient power consumption levels possible.  Possessing a footprint no larger than a drop of water and consuming very little energy, Cree’s diodes have a conservative lifespan of 50,000 hours burn time. All Nitecore torches are regularly updated with the latest Cree offering which ensures end users are always purchasing state-of-the-art.  
 Lastly, NiteCore Flashlights do not overdrive the LEDs for higher output, increasing dependability and lifespan.
  Nitecore produces the longest throwing small form factor torches in the world today, with some lights able to reach targets in excess of 1100 meters (TM36). Nitecore reflectors employ “PRECISION DIGITAL OPTICS TECHNOLOGY”; the ability to shape the reflector so that optimised performance is achieved. In addition, NiteCore precision designed metal reflectors are coated with second generation “CRYSTAL COATING TECHNOLOGY” resulting in an crystal clear reflecting surface and an additional 10% performance increase.  
  Nitecore Beam Profiles are fixed (not to be confused with adjustable brightness levels) and consists of an intense hotspot in the center, combined with a large flood or spill beam.  – Take note of the following point: The larger/deeper the reflector, the more concentrated the primary beam, taking the available light and concentrating it into a smaller surface area, resulting in a longer, but narrow beam range. (For instance the 900 lumens MH40). The smaller/more shallow the reflector, the wider the primary beam, the more area one will cover, but less distance. (For instance the 950 Lumens P12).  
A meticulously adjusted profile such as this eliminates the need for a focus function as the immediate surrounding area and distant targets are illuminated simultaneously. As our flashlights are of such high intensity, we are able to achieve very impressive beam distances while still maintaining peripheral vision.
  Some Advantages of a well designed Fixed Beam Configuration are:  
    It’s the best of both worlds, all at once, without sacrificing one for the other. It’s often more important to see well (large area over a descent distance), than it is to see far (small area).  
    The elimination of distortions in the beam profile, resulting in  blemish free illumination.  
    Predictability and dependability of the beam when operating under stressful and dangerous operations.  
    Maintaining peripheral light, especially with use on moving targets.  
    Easy / fast transition when illuminating close and far objects on the move.  
  Nitecore torches incorporates an advanced microcontroller which provides broad voltage, fully regulated digital output. As a result the Nitecore line is compatible with alkaline, nickel metal hydride, lithium and lithium-ion battery chemistries (selectively per model).   
Our 18650 battery torches for instance can work with 2xCR123, 2x RCR123 or 1×18650 batteries without overloading the circuit. That is a 3.0v – 8.4v input variation. Most other brand torches will simply not switch on or blow their circuits under such diverse power sources. Our SRT3 for instance is able to run from a 1.2v nickel metal hydride, 1.5v Alkaline, 3.0v Lithium or 4.2v Li-Ion. That is a rare trait amongst consumer flashlight products.
In addition, the digital microcontroller regulation affords the user the choice of various output modes (depending on model) such as:
  SOS (Most models)
  STROBE (Most models)
  BEACON (P25, P12, SRT7, HC50 etc…)
  STEPPED BRIGHTNESS LEVELS (All models except SRT series, HC90…)
  BATTERY LEVEL CHECKS (TM15, EC25, P25, P12, EA4 etc…)
  HEARTBEAT (TMxx, P25, EC25 etc…)
  INFINITELY VARIABLE BRIGHTNESS LEVELS, (SRT series, HC90 etc…) using an advanced magnetic IC interface. Third generation development means that the brightness can be adjusted with a smooth operation, where different modes will thoroughly click in place. Two different mechanisms at work in the same selector.

 Our top of the range models (TM36, TM26) incorporates a very unique OLED display to indicate all the vital stats of the torch such as battery level, current selected modes and torch temperature.

Optimal battery utilisation is achieved via the microcontroller where a selected brightness setting is maintained for as long as possible, disregarding draining battery levels. Once a certain level cannot be maintained anymore, that level of brightness will be eliminated and the next available brightness level will be maintained. (Stepped Graph). Looking at the MH40 for instance, full output is maintained for the entire battery cycle. Compare this to less advanced technologies, where a flashlight will get progressively (analogue graph) dimmer as batteries drains, maintaining full brightness only in the first while of use.

  The Bulk of NiteCore Flashlights ships with our 18650 or RCR123 Li-ion rechargeable Battery solution, with the exception of a couple of models that has been designed for the AA (recharge or non-recharge) battery market (EA4 and MT21A) and the MT1C which ships with a non rechargeable Cr123 battery.   
High intensity flashlights require a lot of power to make the magic happen, and conventional AA batteries, unless  stacked together, simply cannot supply the demand.
When you purchase a combo package from our site (specified in the product description), you will receive an already charged battery with your flashlight. Depending on the model, you may receive an  external charger, or the built-in USB charging port on the MHxx series and P25 etc.. Either way, you will be able to use and charge your flashlight straight away.
Our 18650 batteries are robust power sources that are readily available from us. We have  a couple of mAh versions available to suite your pocket, (same voltage, longer runtime). Although you may use other brand 18650 in your torch, we recommend using NiteCore Branded batteries.  (Manufactured by SAMSUNG).
The 18650 Rechargeable batteries can be charged many many times over and should last you a couple of years during moderate use. The Li-ion batteries retains very long charge times on the shelf  (torch electronics may gradually drain batteries if stored inside) and may be topped up without the need for a discharge. You may readily charge your batteries after use.
Our External chargers in themselves are popular stand alone products, as they are able to charge from a  12v  port and charge a wide variety of battery sizes and chemistries. We also have the more advanced D2 / D4 models which features a beautiful LCD display.
  NiteCore Flashlights can be considered tactical for all the reasons above. To further expand on these, consider the following:  
  Although all our lights will provide excellent illumination, we consider some as OUTDOOR ( EC25) as opposed as TACTICAL (P12, SRT6,SRT7 etc…). If you are in trouble, they will all work , but we prefer some above the rest because:  
Primary emphasis is placed on the SWITCH mechanism. Our models with switches at the back are more tactically orientated. That is because the grip you use to hold the flashlight in one hand is conducive with Pistol use in the other hand.
Secondly, when under attack, grabbing and using the flashlight will save you time as your thumb will instinctively find the switch without rotating the light around in search for it. You will also not have to look at the light to search for the switch, whereby being able to keep your eye on the threat. Off course, the same applies for grabbing the light in pitch dark. Some of our models features a HEARTBEAT indicator (slow flashing LED) to find the device in the dark.
In addition, our switches (even the outdoor models) feature MOMENTARY ON where a soft continuous press will maintain illumination until pressure is released, a dead man switch so to speak. This is handy for tactical scenarios where you want the light to go off the moment you take your finger of the switch, as well as for bursts of illumination without going click on / click off the whole time.
Lastly, and very importantly: NiteCore torches don’t change modes when switching off and on again (It’s a little different between all the models, but that is the fundamental concept). The last thing that you want when in a stressful / dangerous situation is your flashlights changing brightness levels or modes on you simply because you have cycled the switch. If  the intention was to switch OFF and ON again, the torch should not change modes. This is distracting and unforeseen when using and is going to put you in a state of momentary confusion when really you should be paying all your attention on a attacker. I am astounded by the amount of torch producers employing this feature of mode change and alleging the product to be tactical.
Relating to the above, just as a torch should not change modes (without you intending) when using tactically, likewise it should not have the option for a variable beam profile.  There simply isn’t enough time / brain capacity / hands left when defending your life to be hassling with incorrectly zoomed beam profiles, (zoomed out having no long range sight, zoomed in having no peripheral light). What you want is the combination of the two, simultaneously, EVERY TIME without gambling with what mode your in. .
NiteCore torches are both small and bright, so you can get a very bright light in a small form factor.  For everyday use from a self defense point of view it is important that the light be small enough so that you are willing to keep it with you. You will have the needed brightness to see what you are looking at and to also blind and disorientate your attacker. Keep in mind, blinding an attacker means disorientating  him long enough to counter the attack or flee, immediately. There is a common misconception that momentary blinding an attacker will leave him  in a state of disarray almost indefinitely, which is not correct. A dedicated attacker will recover from a blind very rapidly. In addition, a large part of the blinding process is actually intimidation, the attacker has lost the element of surprise and has been exposed, he is also now having trouble seeing you and your limbs clearly and this is enough to often deter the attacker from proceeding.  That said, there simply is no substitute for good light, so if you are going to use the light at stationary positions without carrying it on your person the entire day, (like home  or small holding defense), the larger ones with much more light will suite you best.
   Many of the NiteCore torches has 25mm shafts, a uniform design, this allow fitting the torch to a rifle through one of a couple of mounting brackets, as well as adding the optional pressure switch at the back.

  Nitecore uses only the highest quality Aluminum alloys for their CNC machining processes, (have a look at this production video) ensuring a fine finish as well as excellent durability, strength and corrosion resistance.  
  This technology offers superior scratch resistance and color uniformity by chemically infusing colors into the Aluminum surface rather than simply painting on top of it. A Type III finish is the hardest and most resilient form of anodizing currently available.  
  Nitecore products are sufficiently water tight. Nitecore products should survive all environmental conditions thrown at it. If you are serious about submersing your NiteCore, the SRT6 and SRT7 and particularly watertight and are regularly used for diving, although we don’t market them for that purpose.  
  Nitecore specifications are stated using the ANSI FL1 standard.  Recently, a need for a standard performance platform for the flashlight industry was recognized. The absence of a consistent performance standard has made it difficult to provide comparable product claims and effectively communicate features and benefits, which consumers use to select the right flashlight for their specific needs.    
To respond to this need, 14 famous flashlight companies collaborated to write a standard. They included the following products: hand-held/portable flashlights, spotlights, and headlamps.
The ANSI/NEMA FL 1 Standard has been ratified and includes six measures. Each measure is defined, has a test procedure specified, and has an associated icon to use for claims.




  American Trade Organization (PLATO) is being formed by companies involved in the manufacture and sale of portable lighting tools to promote the interests of the industry and the common business interests of the companies that comprise this industry. It is the first trade association of its kind in the portable lighting industry. PLATO will help move the industry forward by performing a variety of functions, including:  
• Help to enforce the accurate and transparent use of industry standards, such as the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 standard
• Assist in developing other industry product and safety standards
• Help guard against false advertising and similar unfair trade practices in the industry
• Provide an educational forum for members and supply educational materials
• Represent the industry to the public and to the government.
NITECORE (a subbrand of Sysmax) is the 15th member of this organization and also the only Chinese company which is admitted to this organization. NITECORE will avail itself of this opportunity to boost the development of the China’s portable illumination industry standardization with its best efforts.