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NPS200 196Wh 54000mAh Portable Power Station


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Although the NPS200 has been specifically designed to benefit users that are travelling and in need of portable off grid power, it is also a super handy 220v power station during load shedding. This device offers 4xUSB + 1x12v + 1x220v output plugs at a total of 196Wh (54 000mAh) per full charge.
Power small 220v electrical devices of up to 150W (300W surge) for over an hour and smaller devices such as a laptop for well over 1 day (on average). Power a 10W bedside lamp for 1-2 full nights or a new generation energy efficient 50″ TV set to low brightness for 1-3 hours. These are rough estimates, your device consumption may differ. Numerous USB ports are included, so cell phones and tablets can easily be charged many times over.
This NPS200 can be charged from 220v / vehicle 12v socket or / the NiteCore FSP100 foldable solar panel.
A flat NPS200 will charge from 220v in approximately 10 hours using the included 14v transformer if no load is connected. IMPORTANT: The NPS200 is a portable, occasional use device and cannot be used permanently connected as a UPS to a 220v load such as a desktop PC or similar. The 220v charger is only able to charge the NPS200, not charge while also simultaneously driving the load. A load will always be driven from battery even with the charger connected to mains. The 220v output requires a UK/RSA travel adapter which is included in the box.


NPS200 Device, integrated li-ion batteries, 220v wall charger, 12v ligher socket charge cable, UK/RSA travel adapter for the 220v output port.


Optional FSP100 solar panel.
Optional SPM10 Power meter.


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