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1.1 Warranty terms specified by NiteCoreSA may differ from warranty terms specified by NiteCore International as per user manual or other website. In such a case, NiteCoreSA warranty terms will take precedence and NiteCore International terms will void.

1.2 We only carry warranties on items purchased form us or our authorised resellers. No imported items or grey-market items are supported by us.

1.3 Chargers and batteries carry a 1 year replacement warranty. Surge, lightning or physical damage is excluded and not covered.

1.4 a Component is the smallest WHOLE part that can be readily disassembled by a user without technical skills, such as the WHOLE HEAD or WHOLE TAILCAP and does not refer to an electronic component inside of major components.

1.4.0 Flashlights carry a 2 year FREE component replacement warranty and DISCOUNTED paid-for component replacement warranty during year 3-5.


1.4.1 The model and parts are discontinued, in which case we will offer an alternative solution.

1.4.2 The flashlight was sold on a limited warranty special.

1.4.3 The flashlight value when sold was under R1000, in which case there is a 1 year free component replacement warranty and no discounted paid for component replacement.

1.4.4 The light is older than its warranty support period (1-5 years depending on the model) , in which case no FREE or DISCOUNTED component replacement is offered.  If we do have components in stock, the component can be purchased at full cost, however, it would probably make sense to rather purchase a new light altogether. 

1.4.5 The light is older than its warranty support period (1-5 years depending on the model), in which case NO REPAIR IS OFFERED. As the items are sealed units and as the items are imported products, repairs are only done by the production factory overseas. Sending items overseas from South Africa for repair can logistically not sustainably be achieved, both in terms of cost as well as customs restrictions and time delays. Therefore, regrettably, we reiterate that after the support period , no further support on a product can be offered.

1.4.6 No flashlights with non li-ion battery or non NiteCore li-ion battery damage / leakage will be covered by the warranty

1.4.7 The Component is already a replacement component (FREE or DISCOUNTED), which will in itself carry a limited term warranty.

1.4.8 Any sealed unit light, such as the NF01 and Concept 2, carries a 2 year replacement with no additional support after that, as the light compartment needs to be replaced in its entirety.

1.4.9 a Component replacement will be a part that is of similar or newer age and condition as the faulty part. It is not explicitly guaranteed that the part is brand new out of box.


2.1 We only ship to RSA street addresses.

2.2 We do not accept items shipped to any address other than our premises, such as post office or postnet counters. Such parcels will not be collected.

2.3 We pay for shipping TO the client and FROM the client when

A: The item is DOA: Items shipped from us and found to be faulty within 14 days of delivery will be collected and returned by us at our cost via courier.

2.4 We pay for shipping TO the client when

A: The items was replaced under the FREE component replacement period.

2.5 The Client Pays for Shipping TO us when

A: The item was NOT DOA and sent back to us for inspection or claim at any other time.

2.6 The Client Pays for Shipping BACK TO the client when

A: The items was NOT replaced or repaired under the FREE component replacement period.

B: No fault was found or the fault was due to a user error such as flat batteries, loose connections, dirty contacts and any other similar situation.

2.7 The most cost effective shipping methods are:

Aramex at supported PickNPays, to our door R99 OR TheCourierguy.co.za who visits us daily OR any other cost effective courier of your choice. Please be sure though to shop around and get a quote beforehand as courier charges may vary significantly!

2.8 Please contact us before shipping to debug the item first.


3.1 High Intensity flashlights will produce heat, some units will reduce brightness after a short time or at a certain temperature to reduce heat built-up. This will differ from model to model but may be as little as 10 seconds up to many minutes. TURBO mode on most models are not sustainable for continuous use and is intended for sporadic use. Heat built-up is normal and unavoidable and will not constitute a warranty claim or refund.

3.2 Do not leave your light unattended on high lumens where it is not safe to do so to avoid burning sensitive surrounding items. Store and pack your light in such a way to prevent switching on unintentionally, as such would cause damage to the light as well as surrounding material. Neither situations will constitute a warranty claim.

 3.3 Warranty claim items have to have a perceivable and non-trivial error in order to qualify as a valid warranty claim. When we test the item, we have to be able to detect the problem or malfunction. Items functioning as normal or with undetectable errors will not be replaced or repaired.

 3.4 Physical damage due to being dropped or being man-handled or bent will not be covered by warranty. The drop resistant spec indicated on some products refers to the flashlight electronics being able to handle bumps and occasional drops etc. It can be readily expected and anticipated that if your light is dropped, especially onto a hard surface or especially the higher weight lights like the tiny monster series, the metal components might scratch or bend or the glass might crack. This damage is NOT covered under warranty. In some cases where the metal is bent, a repair will not be possible without replacing the entire part of the torch and that will incur the part replacement costs by the client. If the LED or electronics ceases to work AND there is no prominent housing damage on the light, it WILL however be handled under warranty regardless of whether it was dropped or not.

 3.5 DO NOT submerge your flashlight. The IPX waterproofing is merely an indication that the flashlight is capable of handling day to day tasks such as splashing or walking in the rain. Even so, that is only possible when all components are tightly fastened and closed. The warranty excludes submerging the unit unless the unit is a purpose built diving unit.

 3.6 Flashlights with battery leakage damage is not covered by the warranty.

 3.7 Flashlights that sustained damage due to being switched on in the package after delivery was taken is not covered by the warranty. Be careful how you store and transport your units to avoid accidental activation.

 3.8 Items opened past the normal user interface will void the warranty.

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